There are a variety of options for you and your dog to get the training and behavior help you need. I'm here to help!


Let's talk!

The first step is to meet for an initial video chat consultation to get to the bottom of what's happening, make a clear assessment, and set you up with a plan to begin working towards your dog training and behavior goals.
Behavior consultations last about one hour and include a follow up behavior report, management plan and reading materials delivered to your inbox.


Online learning is available for all sorts of behavior needs, leash aggression, reactivity, shy or fearful dogs, new puppies, learning fun tricks and enrichment games, handling, doggie parkour, basic manners skills, obedience, problem behaviors like barking chewing or jumping up.  The options are endless! With 20 years experience, I can customize a program for you and your dog based on both your needs and desires.

After the requisite consultation, online coaching is then offered as a monthly service for those needing ongoing behavior and training help.  We stay in touch daily via a communication app and I provide you with customized dog training homework for the week.  This will include instructional video examples of exercises to practice directly with your dog as well as reading material that compliments the week's lessons.
I may ask you to submit videos of certain behaviors or exercises for my assessment.  You share your questions and practice videos with me for feedback. We assess goals and progress together each week to ensure things are progressing as planned with your dog.

What does online dog training and behavior coaching look like?

Receive tailored feedback and personalized teaching via WhatsApp.

Utilizing GMB's online learning 5p Framework, I will customize a dog training plan using a proven online learning method.  Click below to see an example of weekly HW.

Because my job is to teach you how to train and handle your dog, my online learning program is an excellent way to ensure you learn the skills necessary to be successful and change your dog's behavior.  
No need to worry about structuring your week and practice sessions with your dog, let the dog trainer do that for you.
Unlike traditional dog training where you only see the trainer for one hour a couple times per month, you'll have access to support anytime you need it via WhatsApp.  
Instead of paying for my time by the hour, you'll spend less money and get more support with the online learning model!
I only work with a limited number of online learning students to ensure my clients get my full attention and support.
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