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What is the GMB 5P Framework?

Personalized fitness training is the quickest way to help you reach your training and movement goals.  


What is it that you really want to do and what really matters to you?


Sara's goal is to help guide you on your journey to physical autonomy and mental wellness using the GMB Fitness method.  Learn more about the GMB method and skill related physical fitness.


To begin work together, we will start with an assessment so we know where the starting point is and can form a clear plan to get you to where you want to be.  As we continue our work together, we come back to this assessment regularly so we can see how things are progressing. 


Once we have figured out what you need to work on, we address the issues that might be holding you back.  Sara will help you create a customized fitness routine that will help you get the most out of your training sessions.


Last we apply your new skills and see where we go next.  That might be reassessing goals and working on more advanced movements or ensuring you are continuing to develop your home practice so your body works that way you want it to during every day life moments.


Can I work out with a trainer online and get the results I am looking for?  You bet you can!  Showing up and putting in the work is half the battle.  Working together online via Zoom video allows me to coach you in the privacy of your own home and sets you up to be on the path to enjoying an at home personalized fitness training and movement practice.  Sara's knowledge with modern behavior modification techniques means she can help motivate you to move and show you that exercise can be a fun and enjoyable experience.  Her goal is to help you succeed.


Do you live in the San Francisco East Bay Area and are looking for in-person personalized fitness training and movement coaching?  Sara is available to work with you (or you and your friend) in the comfort of your own home.  Alternatively meet her at an outdoor park to get moving and enjoy the great outdoors at the same time.  

Have a dog?  With over 20 years experience training people to coach their dogs, Sara can show you how to incorporate your dog into your movement practice.  Improve your flexibility and strength while teaching your dog to relax, perform fun tricks and enjoy relationship based play that benefits you both.  Your dog is your best workout partner!


Sara is available for GMB Into to Locomotion workshops throughout the Bay Area.  Please contact Sara for more information.


Sara Scott enjoys teaching people how to move their bodies while creating life long habits that cultivate physical health and mental wellbeing.  With over 20 years experience coaching people to train their dogs, Sara's comprehensive coaching and behavior modification skills allow her to get you the information you need to be successful in reaching your fitness and movement goals. Not only can Sara help you reach your fitness goals, she can help you develop a daily home practice and has the skills to keep you motivated.  As an experienced Yogi and certified GMB fitness trainer, Sara believes exercises should be a fun and enjoyable experience that you'll want to partake in for years to come.

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