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Expert PitBull Specialist

The pit bull breed happens to be Sara's speciality as she has extensive experience training and working with the pit bulls.  Call them what you will, pit bulls happen to be one of her favorites!  If you are the owner of a bully breed, you've come to the right place.

Sara has been training dogs professionally in the East Bay Area since 2000 and has extensive experience training pit bulls and other bully breeds. Sara served as lead dog trainer for BAD RAP's adoption and education programs, Pit Bull Hall and The Ambassadog Project and helped care for the Michael Vick rescue pit bulls when they first landed in Oakland. Understanding the breed inside and out, Sara excels in working with owners and their bully type dogs.

Sara uses modern, scientifically sound and compassionate techniques that are proven to work and get results for all breeds, pit bulls included.  Making training fun is the best way to get good results so you can live peacefully with your well mannered love-a-bull pittie.  If you've never had experience with positive reinforcement based dog training techniques, you'll be surprised to learn just how well your pit bull will respond! Gain a deep understanding of bully breeds while seeing your pittie transform into a happy and well mannered companion.

If you need specialized help training your pit bull or bully breed dog, look no further. My unmatched expertise with thousands of pit bulls delivers life-changing results. 

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