Sara has been training dogs professionally in the East Bay Area since 2000 and has extensive experience training dogs who suffer from fear and anxiety.  She is an expert in resolving leash reactivity and aggressive behavior problems.   Her expertise in handling dogs with aggressive behavior problems will help resolve your issues with minimal stress to both dog and owner.  Sara uses modern, scientifically sound and compassionate techniques that are proven to work and get results.  Sara believes that making training fun for both dogs and people is the best way to get good results.


Sara is a certified professional dog trainer and is a graduate of the Marin Humane Society's Canine Behavior Academy with Trish King.  Sara has extensive experience with pit bulls and has fostered over a dozen in her home. From 2006-2010, Sara served as lead dog trainer for BAD RAP's (formerly Bay Area Dog Lovers Responsible About Pitbulls.) adoption and education programs, Pit Bull Hall and The Ambassadog Project.  As a professional Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Sara has taught group dog training classes for more than ten years and has taught for the Oakland SPCA, San Francisco SPCA and Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation.  


Sara has completed the coursework for the K9 Nose Work instructor program with the National Association of Canine Scent Work.  Sara taught nose work classes for several years in the Bay Area. Sara's students were highly successful in competition and have earned titles all the way up to the NW3 title level.  Sara has also studied privately with detection trainer, Andrew Ramsey and has attended workshops with NACSW founder Ron Guant and Amy Herot.


Sara is also experienced with competition training for obedience and bite sports.  She has trained privately under obedience instructor and founder of Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, Denise Fenzi for 5 years and dog trainer and ring sport decoy Francis Metcalf for 4 years.  Sara is an expert at incorporating working dog techniques to improve motivation when working with problem behaviors in pet dogs.

As an advocate for humane dog training techniques, Sara strives to help educate her clients and the greater community on evidence based dog training practices and has published her writings in both Bay Woof and APDT's Chronicle of the Dog.  As an experienced yogi and certified GMB Fitness trainer, not only is she effective with anxious dog behavior, she is an expert at working with anxious owners and can provide a judgment free safe space for you to tackle your own anxiety in relation to your dog's behavior. 


Oakland dog trainer Sara Scott talks about evidence-based methods in dog training and shares helpful dog training tips! Listen to the podcast for the full story and details below.

Sara Scott on KOIT pets - Dog Trainer Sara Scott
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