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What I Offer

A large grinning grey and white pit bull wearing a rainbow-colored bandana looks cheerfully at the camera. The dog's naturally floppy ears both point to the left side. Sunlight dapples the pit bulls face as tree shade patterns the background.

Dog Behavior Coaching

Through tailored video review and coaching, I'll guide you to a happier, better-behavior companion. My approach is always compassionate and evidence-based.

Four dogs of different breeds and sizes sit patiently in a row on a grey couch, looking toward the camera. From left to right, a pit bull, a chihuahua, a spaneil and a village dog. Illustrates dogs with different needs and traits coexsisiting harmoniously.

Group Dog training

An online learning program that will help you tackle your dog’s behavior problems using effective evidenced-based practices.

Separation Anxiety

Ease your dog's anxiety with my personalized separation anxiety coaching. Help your dog feel calm and confident when home alone.

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