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A happy grey and white pit bull wearing a padded harness and rainbow bandana looks directly at the camera smiling with its mouth open and ears flopping to the same side. The ears flop to the left side framing the dog's bright eyes and face as it sits against a blurred background. Motivational image promotes contacting the dog trainer to improve your own pit bull's behavior.

Ready to Train?

Reach out to learn more. I’d love to help you and your dog move toward your training and behavior goals.

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What My Clients Think

Sara is super knowledgeable, extremely patient, a great teacher and dedicated to helping you and your dog.

Sara has been invaluable in our journey to help our dog learn to be a calm and happy pup.  We loved working with Sara, and she is simply the best dog trainer you can find.

For the diverse problems we faced, I cannot imagine anyone who could have worked better for and with our family, and we’re all much happier for the time we’ve spent with Sara!

A woman with long brown hair in a pony tail wearing jeans and a peach shirt plays an intense game of tug in her living room with a black and while bully breed dog in front of her couch. The muscular dog, likely a pit bull mix breed, grips a soccer ball toy tightly as the woman pulls and engages with the dog. Image promotes leash reactivity training classes and depicts properly exercising a high drive dog.

Cool, Calm and Collected

Join us with your reactive dog for ‘Cool, Calm & Collected’ and learn how to tackle your dog’s on-leash reactivity using effective and simply techniques that are rooted in ethical and evidence-based practices. Learn how to confidently handle your dog in your home and neighborhood environment so you both gets your needs met while keeping problematic reactivity at bay.

A small tan dog with floppy ears and a black collar sits looking sadly out a living room window. The window has beige curtains and shows a green backyard outside. Image depicts a dog experiencing separation anxiety or distress when left home alone. Join our separation anxiety group training class and get step-by-step coaching to resolve isolation behaviors.

Separation Anxiety Group Training with Certified Coaches

Next class begins online 1/24/2024 for 10 consecutive weeks.


Struggling with a dog who has severe separation distress? Get expert help without facing it alone.

Join our 10-week separation anxiety group coaching led by Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT) Kristine Adams and Certified Separation Anxiety Behavior Consultant Sara Scott.

Our customized virtual training includes:

  • 5 live Zoom coaching and Q&A sessions

  • Access to certified coaches daily via WhatsApp

  • Exclusive use of our separation training app

  • Customized training plan with instructional videos

  • Personalized video feedback on your progress

  • Support from other participants

Using proven, ethical techniques, we'll teach you how to depart without anxiety. Your dog will learn to be confident alone. Spaces limited to ensure personalized attention. Invest in this time-tested separation anxiety training and get your freedom back.

Program fee: $650


A black bully breed dog with a white stripe on its face sits on a couch holding a ball in its mouth. Next to the dog, an open laptop displays a customized online dog training video lesson. Image promotes the engaging group classes and depicts tailored instruction for dogs.

The Group Coaching Experience

Customized group dog training programs led by certified professional trainer Sara Scott provide owners and their dogs struggling with common behavioral issues like leash reactivity, separation anxiety, and more the knowledge, support, accountability, and proven techniques needed to overcome challenges and build an incredible bond using ethical, reward-based methods. Limited to small groups for personal attention, our community-focused courses offer live video lessons, daily support access, personalized feedback, coaching and tailored training plans resulting in well-behaved, happy dogs.

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