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Game of Bones: Elevating Your Pup’s Training to Royal Heights

Updated: Jan 30

Are you a standout dog parent, always looking to elevate your pup’s skills and happiness? If your pup is already a pro at the basics, social graces, and a plethora of amusing tricks, and you’re the kind of owner who meticulously selected the finest puppy school, you might be wondering what’s next. How can you further enrich your pup’s life and intellect? Here are some advanced skills, games, and tricks for pups that have high cognitive needs and owners who love to meet them.

When considering a pup’s physical needs like nutritious food, exercise, water, sleep, vet care, grooming, and safety, you’re likely already on top of these essentials. Your pup enjoys a high-quality organic diet and gets plenty of exercise – that’s a given. But what about their emotional and social needs, like feeling secure, loved, trusted, and having consistent interactions? As a conscientious dog owner, you’ve likely engaged with a qualified trainer and understand your pup’s social preferences well.

Now, let’s focus on cognitive development. For the dog parent aiming for the equivalent of a canine Ph.D., it’s time to introduce novel, choice-based, and problem-solving activities to enhance your pup’s mental agility.

Challenge Your Dog’s Balance

Just as balance exercises can enhance cognitive functions in humans, like planning and attention, they might offer similar benefits for dogs. Test your pup’s balance with exercises like standing on a foam roller, balancing on smaller platforms, or navigating from one platform to another. These exercises can be both fun and mentally stimulating.

Intelligent border collie balancing on foam roller in park for advanced dog training, showcasing skill and playfulness, perfect for ‘Game of Bones’ themed dog training blog.

Introduce Novel Experiences

Novelty is crucial for keeping your pup’s mind active. Rotate their toys regularly and innovate with their meal presentation. For example, one night you might use a puzzle toy, the next a search game, or scattering kibble in unexpected places. Also, try new training games like the “Smash-It” game, where your pup learns to knock over a variety of objects, keeping the training fresh and engaging.

Empower with Choices

Giving your pup choices is a powerful way to enrich their lives. Teach them to communicate preferences, like which direction to walk or when they want to play. Explore cooperative care, where your pup consents to grooming or medical procedures, and learn to understand their ‘yes’ and ‘no’ signals.

Promote Problem-Solving Skills

Encourage your pup to use their brain and body to solve problems, like finding hidden toys or food. Consider combining cues they already know into new challenges. Look to dogs like Fred, a rescue Pit Bull, who enjoys a complex game combining retrieval, stair running, and nose work.

In conclusion, while some of these ideas might seem a bit extravagant, remember that mental stimulation is as vital for your pup as physical exercise. You don’t need to be an ultra-dedicated owner to want the best for your pet. By incorporating these advanced activities you’ll not enhance your pup’s cognitive abilities.


Ready to Unlock Your Dog’s Full Potential?

As you’ve journeyed through the advanced techniques and games in this post, you might be wondering how to integrate these into your dog’s routine effectively. Whether you’re aiming for that coveted ‘Game of Bones’ level or just want to enhance your pup’s cognitive abilities, my specialized training programs are here to guide you.

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