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Join The Dog Lab and get customized online dog training from certified Pro Sara Scott.

Tired of rigid schedules? My Dog Lab offer flexible online dog training that fits your lifestyle. As a certified trainer and behavior consultant, I create tailored multimedia lesson plans designed just for you and your dog's needs. Monitor your dog's progress through regular voice over video review and receive expert support on your schedule.

I have over 25 years of experience resolving behavior issues like anxiety, reactivity and more through customized online coaching and support. Join my Dog Lab today and let's achieve real-world results tailored to you and your dog's unique situation and goals!

A happy grey and white pit bull wearing a padded harness and rainbow bandana looks directly at the camera smiling with its mouth open and ears flopping to the same side. The ears flop to the left side framing the dog's bright eyes and face as it sits against a blurred background. Motivational image promotes contacting the dog trainer to improve your own pit bull's behavior.

Ready to Train?

Reach out to learn more. I’d love to help you and your dog move toward your training and behavior goals.

Thanks for submitting!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does virtual dog training work?
    You'll submit practice videos for my review. I'll provide voice over video feedback to identify areas to target, refine techniques, and adjust the plan based on your dog's progress. This interactive process builds your skills quickly through ongoing video review.
  • How much time does training take per week?
    I recommend 5 training days per week for optimal results. But you can adjust the frequency to match your schedule. Video submissions control the pace of new lesson releases. Consistency is important, but you pick the training times.
  • Can I switch between monthly plans?
    Absolutely! Since there are no long-term contracts, you can upgrade or downgrade your monthly memberships needed to match your goals and availability. You get the flexibility to adjust plans over time.
  • What type of support is included?
    Your training membership provides unlimited messaging Monday-Friday. You'll also receive voice over video feedback where I review footage in depth and adjust your training plan. You take a moment to review my video feedback when it works with your schedule and implement any changes made to your plan. Ongoing support is my priority.
  • What methods do you use to train dogs?
    My training philosophy relies on positive reinforcement and force-free techniques. I never use dominance or compulsion. My goals is to make training safe, effective, and fun using science-backed methods that strengthen the human-dog bond.
  • What types of issues do you have experience with?
    I have extensive experience with common to uncommon behavior problems like reactivity, separation anxiety, aggression, fearfulness, bite history, sound sensitivity, resource guarding and more. I've worked with thousands of dogs and owners and can customize a plan tailored for you and your pup's needs.
  • How does scheduling work?
    Training your dog shouldn’t conflict with your already busy life. No need to commit to a strict schedule, train when it’s convenient for you and get the dog behavior support you need when you need it. After we meet for the initial consultation, schedule your training practice sessions when it works best for you. Unlike traditional dog training, where you only see the trainer for one hour a couple times per month, you'll have access to support Monday through Friday,
  • How does pricing work?
    The Dog Lab offers monthly membership packages starting at $450. All memberships are month-to-month so you aren't locked in long-term. Pricing is based on your individual goals and needs - the more support you need, the higher the monthly fee.
  • How does payment work?
    You’ll subscribe to the monthly dog behavior coaching program for a flat monthly fee which is more cost effective that traditional in-home private lessons. You’ll have much more frequent access to a professional trainer for a flat monthly fee, instead of paying for my time by the hour. I accept all major credit cards, debit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay and ACH bank transfer.

What My Clients Think

Sara is super knowledgeable, extremely patient, a great teacher and dedicated to helping you and your dog.

Sara has been invaluable in our journey to help our dog learn to be a calm and happy pup.  We loved working with Sara, and she is simply the best dog trainer you can find.

For the diverse problems we faced, I cannot imagine anyone who could have worked better for and with our family, and we’re all much happier for the time we’ve spent with Sara!

How it Works

Connect with Dog trainer Sara Scott 

Communication happens easily through WhatsApp. Text or voice message Sara Monday-Friday as you implement the customized training program.

Shortly after signup, you'll gain access to the tailored multimedia plan Sara designed specifically for your dog's needs. She'll update it continually based on your pup's progress. You'll get the guidance, troubleshooting, and accountability needed to achieve success.


The Dog Lab training membership service offers flexible pricing options designed to meet your needs. I offer monthly plans with no lock-in contract so you can train with me as quickly or long as you want. Get the level of support your dog needs.


Choose from 3 flexible membership tiers. Most of my clients typically complete the program in 3-4 months. 

The Dog Lab Essentials

4 week series


Trainer access Mon-Fri via WhatsApp

Custom multimedia training plan 

1 weekly voice over video review 

Best for foundational behavior change

The Dog Lab preferred

4 week series


Trainer access Mon-Fri via WhatsApp

Custom multimedia training plan

2 weekly voice over video reviews

Best for ongoing behavior support

The Dog Lab elite

4 week series


Trainer access Mon-Fri via WhatsApp

Custom multimedia training plan

2 weekly voice over video reviews

Biweekly 30 min Zoom calls

Best for significant behavior challenges 

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