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A happy grey and white pit bull wearing a padded harness and rainbow bandana looks directly at the camera smiling with its mouth open and ears flopping to the same side. The ears flop to the left side framing the dog's bright eyes and face as it sits against a blurred background. Motivational image promotes contacting the dog trainer to improve your own pit bull's behavior.

Ready to Train?

Reach out to learn more. I’d love to help you and your dog move toward your training and behavior goals.

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What My Clients Think

Sara is super knowledgeable, extremely patient, a great teacher and dedicated to helping you and your dog.

Sara has been invaluable in our journey to help our dog learn to be a calm and happy pup.  We loved working with Sara, and she is simply the best dog trainer you can find.

For the diverse problems we faced, I cannot imagine anyone who could have worked better for and with our family, and we’re all much happier for the time we’ve spent with Sara!


Fear and Anxiety training

Is your dog fearful or stressed? I'll help them gain confidence and learn coping skills so they can feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Separation Anxiety Training

Does your dog struggle when left alone? I'll guide you in easing their isolation distress so you can leave your dog at home with peace of mind.

obedience and Manners training

Need help with basics like leash walking, basic cues, house training? Or want to teach fun tricks? I make training engaging using reward-based methods. As an experienced trainer, I can help resolve unwanted behavior and strengthen your bond.

Dog behavior modification 

Struggling with challenging behaviors like aggression, anxiety or reactivity? My approach always addresses the root cause using evidenced based, compassionate techniques for lasting change.

A smiling lesbian interracial couple sits together with their white German Shepherd dog after successful behavior training. On the left, a young Black woman sits with her hand on the dog's head. On the right, a Hispanic woman sits next to her partner, arm wrapped around her shoulders. The dog sits upright between them, mouth open in a smile. The women appear joyful due to the success of their dog's one-on-one behavior coaching.

One on One Dog Behavior Coaching

Get customized dog training plans tailored to your unique needs and goals. My science-backed, ethical approach helps dogs and owners thrive.

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