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Understanding Behavior Resurgence in Dogs

If you’ve ever trained a dog, you know the journey is filled with ups and downs. One of the more perplexing challenges dog owners face is behavior resurgence—the reappearance of a behavior that was previously extinguished. Extinction, the process of reducing a behavior by no longer providing the reinforcement that previously maintained it, or allowing the previously classically conditioned association to diminish, often leads to this side effect, making it not the best choice for addressing behavior change. Instead, there are smarter and more effective methods. To help you better understand this, I’ve dedicated my latest newsletter to exploring the intricacies of behavior resurgence and how to manage it effectively.

Fernando’s Training Journey

In this edition, I share Fernando’s story—a dog who has made remarkable progress despite some setbacks. Recently, Fernando experienced a resurgence of an old behavior: hesitancy to come indoors. This issue, which I thought was resolved, reappeared unexpectedly, providing a real-life example of how behavior resurgence can manifest. Fernando’s journey is a testament to the importance of patience and a well-thought-out training plan.

The Science Behind Behavior Resurgence

Understanding the science behind behavior resurgence is crucial for effective dog training. In the newsletter, I delve into how extinction in both operant and classical conditioning can contribute to this phenomenon. By learning about these behavior principles, dog owners can gain valuable insights into why certain behaviors reemerge and how to address them.

Practical Tips and Strategies

The newsletter doesn’t just explain behavior resurgence; it also provides practical tips and strategies to handle it. From antecedent arrangement to desensitization and counter-conditioning, I cover a range of techniques that can help you manage your dog’s behavior effectively. These methods are designed to reinforce wanted behaviors while minimizing the chances of resurgence, ensuring a smoother training experience.

Join the Community and Learn More

If you’re interested in learning more about behavior resurgence and other dog training insights, I invite you to read the full newsletter. It’s packed with valuable information that can help you navigate your dog’s training journey with confidence. Click here to read the newsletter and take the next step in your dog training journey.


Transform Your Dog’s Behavior with Expert Guidance

Are you struggling with your dog’s behavior and unsure where to turn for help? Whether it’s dealing with reactivity, aggression, or simply refining obedience skills, I’m here to provide you with the expert guidance you need. My personalized training programs are designed to address the unique challenges you and your dog face, ensuring that you see real, lasting improvements.

Customized Training Plans for Every Dog

Every dog is different, and so are their training needs. That’s why I offer customized behavior coaching that targets specific issues with tailored strategies. From basic obedience to complex behavior modification, my Dog Lab Custom Behavior Coaching program covers it all. Learn more about how my individualized approach can make a significant difference in your dog’s behavior.

Why Choose My Services?

With 25 years of experience and a deep understanding of canine behavior, I’m dedicated to helping dogs and their owners achieve harmony. My approach is rooted in positive reinforcement, science-based techniques, and a genuine passion for improving the lives of dogs and their families.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re interested in transforming your dog’s behavior and enhancing your relationship with your pup, click here to learn more about my services and schedule your consultation. Let’s work together to create a positive and lasting change for you and your dog.

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