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A smiling half Black, half white woman with curly hair joyfully hugs a brindle bully breed dog. The happy short-haired pitbull smiles back with its eyes as they embrace. Promotes dog training services. Conveys the bond between a diverse dog owner and her well-behaved brindle pitbull.

Expert Bay Area Dog Behavior and Training

Get customized dog training and behavior solutions from Sara Scott, a certified professional dog trainer in the Oakland and San Francisco Bay Area. My science-backed, compassionate methods help dogs and owners thrive.

A Mexican man in a orange t-shirt and black woman in a peach coloredl top sit together on a couch with a black and white Border Collie resting next to them. The owners smile at their laptop screen which displays a dog training video lesson. Image promotes online dog training and behavior coaching and conveys diverse owners happily learning from home.

My Services

One-on-One Dog Behavior Coaching

Let me tailor a personalized training plan just for you and your dog. Through regular video review, I'll guide you every step of the way to achieve your goals for max impact.

Group Dog Training

Join the online group class to tackle your dog's behavior issues with community support and proven techniques. An engaging learning option!

Separation Anxiety Solutions

Ease your dog's anxiety with my personalized Separation Anxiety coaching. Get tailored training and dedicated support.

A red pitbull dog jumps high in the air with all four legs extended while holding an open mouth. The athletic dog's face is blurred from the motion as it leaps straight up with its short fur sleaked back. Image conveys energy, joy and high drive. Promotes dog training services to help your own pitbull or bully breed burn energy and behave.

Why Sara

With 25+ years experience, Sara Scott offers unmatched expertise in dog behavior and training. Training dogs professionally in the Bay Area since 2000, Sara comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience that can only be gained through time and dedication to the art and science of dog behavior and training. She is deeply educated and brings her knowledge to application with great insight, grace and compassion for both species; human and dog.

reviews from Bay Area dog owners

Sara changed my dog's life! The work we did with Sara wasn't just training - it was behavioral therapy.

Sara is one of the best and most experienced dog trainers in San Francisco. She has been invaluable in helping us with our rescued dog.

Sara has my highest respect and admiration and I would recommend her to any dog owner without reservation.

A happy grey and white pit bull wearing a padded harness and rainbow bandana looks directly at the camera smiling with its mouth open and ears flopping to the same side. The ears flop to the left side framing the dog's bright eyes and face as it sits against a blurred background. Motivational image promotes contacting the dog trainer to improve your own pit bull's behavior.

Ready to Train?

Reach out to learn more. I’d love to help you and your dog move toward your training and behavior goals.

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