Sara Scott provides modern, evidence-based dog training and behavior modification services for bay area dogs suffering from fear, anxiety and aggression. She shares her knowledge with you and helps you and your dog succeed! 




"Your approach to dogs, especially pit bulls, is truly amazing, bordering on the miraculous.  A VERY BIG THANK YOU."

-Tana Madrigal with

"Mrs. Mooney"

Oakland, CA

The Covid-19 Pandemic is changing the way we do things and is affecting our lives and that of our dogs.  You might be struggling with keeping your dog content with your new work from home routine, or quiet when you are on your next Zoom conference call.  Meeting the physical and mental needs of your dog while sheltering in place and practicing social distancing can be challenging. Many of you were already experiencing behavior problems with your dog long before Covid-19 came on the scene.
Adapting to change can be difficult but often times necessary. As we continue to adapt to this ever changing climate, the way I am able to provide care and services to my clients has changed as well.  Rest assured, you can still find the dog training and behavior support you need during these difficult times.  



Sara Scott has been training dogs professionally in the East Bay Area since 2000 and comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience that can only be gained through time and dedication to the art and science of dog behavior and training. She is deeply educated in the dog training and behavior field and brings her knowledge to application with great insight, grace and compassion for both species, human and dog.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


"Sara has a way with dogs...and humans as well.  She uses her knowledge wisely, gaining the trust of both species as she trains them to success."

-Trish King, CDBD, CPDT-KA

Canine Behavior Associates


"Sara is super knowledgeable, extremely patient, a great teacher and dedicated to helping you and your dog."

-Melissa with "Muffin"

Oakland, CA

"Sara has been invaluable in our journey to help our dog learn to be a calm and happy pup.  We loved working with Sara, and she is simply the best dog trainer you can find."

-David and Dianna with "Scout"

Alameda, CA

"For the diverse problems we faced, I cannot imagine anyone who could have worked better for and with our family, and we’re all much happier for the time we’ve spent with Sara!"

-Heidi with the small dog crew

Berkeley, CA




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