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Dog brain trust mentorship

Ready to elevate your skills and grow your dog training business? The Dog Brain Trust mentorship program guides up-and-coming trainers on running a successful dog training business. Shadow experienced mentor Sara Scott to learn real-world training and business expertise.

A happy grey and white pit bull wearing a padded harness and rainbow bandana looks directly at the camera smiling with its mouth open and ears flopping to the same side. The ears flop to the left side framing the dog's bright eyes and face as it sits against a blurred background. Motivational image promotes contacting the dog trainer to improve your own pit bull's behavior.

Ready to Train?

Reach out to learn more. I’d love to help you and your dog move toward your training and behavior goals.

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What My Clients Think

As a trainer with multiple certificationsand decades of experience, I sought Sara out to mentor me. Sara's online training methods and use of technology has opened doors and really brought innovation to the industry.

Being a dog trainer in this world of information overload can be daunting and isolating. Having Sara and the rest of the group to collaborate with when working on challenging cases is ainvaluable!

Sara is everything I had hoped for in a mentor. Having Sara as my mentor has been a complete game changer in so many ways and one of the best decisions of my life. 


How Does the Mentorship Program Work?

Rather than a ridgid set curriculum, the program focuses on customized guidance based on your goals. Shadow mentor Sara Scott and learn first-hand how an experienced dog trainer consults clients, creates training plans, and modifies behavior.

Sara Scott has over 20 years of experience as a certified dog trainer and behavior consultant. Learn from her proven approaches to running a successful training business. 

Mentorship program includes:

  • Initial consultation over video chat to discuss your goals and ensure the program is the right fit.

  • Ongoing messaging access to Sara 5 days a week to ask questions and get guidance as you build your business.

  • Shadow Sara online to learn real client consultations and planning.

  • Review client practice videos focusing on key coaching strategies.

  • Connect with a collaborative community of mentees for idea sharing, networking, and support.

  • Get promoted within our exclusive trainer network.

  • Attend live Zoom calls one topics like marketing your services, optimizing your online presence, streamlining your virtual training process, troubleshooting dog behavior, client coaching and more.

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